About DataMarket

DataMarket, formerly known as APNData, was rebranded in February 2009 with the sale of APN Finda to The Yellow Pages Group. DataMarket is a division of Finda Ltd.

DataMarket offers tailor-made lists of personalised business information sourced from the DataMarket business-to-business database. It is one of New Zealand's premier sources of business data.

As a leading provider of business information and direct marketing solutions, the DataMarket team can provide up-to-date business-to-business information on over 100,000 New Zealand companies to help you grow your business.

Every business is different, which is why we individually tailor solutions to your requirements. Be they exploring market opportunities, updating & cleaning internal databases, or undertaking a direct marketing campaign or providing new leads to your team - we can help.

So why use Direct Marketing to grow your business?

    You can control the size and flow of your Direct Marketing. It is easily quantifiable, so you always know your success rate and what target markets work the best for you.

    You can be as expansive as you wish with your search criteria or as precise as possible. This helps make your campaign more successful by creating a targeted audience.

    You can zero in on almost any target audience and eliminate costly exposures to wasted audiences by targeting who you want to send to.

    With over 250,000 key contacts on the DataMarket database, you are able to personalise your material to role specific executive titles.

    Direct mail usually achieves the highest percentage of response per thousand people reached, higher than any other advertising medium. Also, it is easier to follow up with the prospect than contacting everyone who may have read your newspaper advert.

    You can only do limited testing in other media, but with direct mail, you have an unlimited opportunity to test, so you can acquire considerable information on product acceptability, pricing, audiences, offers and copy approaches. The size and target market criteria are entirely up to you.

    As Direct Marketing methods are targeted and cost effective, you are able to gain greater profit margins through a lower spend per client than other advertising mediums. No dollars wasted.

    You may think your company is too small to compete with the giants. That's not so if you use direct mail. By using Direct Marketing, you are able to control the flow of new clients by sending the campaigns out as small or as large as you wish.


Why use DataMarket for your campaign?

  • Our free consultancy service is available to all clients and you're most welcome to utilise our experience and expertise in assessing your requirements.

  • We have New Zealand's most comprehensive business database, with over 100,000 companies.

  • DataMarket is a one-stop direct marketing shop. We can do everything for you. This makes us not only highly efficient, but also saves you time and money through the expertise we already have. Not only that, we are also proud members of the Marketing Association and follow their guidelines.

  • We are very cost effective and hassle free. As a one-stop shop, you are not dealing with three or four different companies to organise your campaign.

  • All of our Data Consultants are trained professionals who are passionate about Direct Marketing.





Where to from here? Please feel free to contact one of our Data Consultants on 0800 501 515 or send us an email to sales@datamarket.co.nz to discuss how we can best help you to grow your business.