Data Lists

What are the different types of lists?  

We have two types of lists:

Business to Business lists
We have over 140,000 businesses in New Zealand with over 207,000 executives.

Business to Consumer lists
We have access to:

1.4 million homeowners in New Zealand - 700,000 records are usable
2.5 million vehicle owners
Property investors - Commercial and Residential
Rural/Farm data
Interest/Hobbies data (people with various interests e.g. travel, food and wine)

How is this data collected? And how do we update these lists?

Business Lists

DataMarket database is continually updated through several update mechanisms:

  • Data is updated through our Sales Teams
  • Through clients updating their own records
  • Through returned mail (Gone No Address - GNAs) from clients
  • Outsourced data compilers

Consumer Lists

They are collected through various Government agencies:

  • Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)
  • Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA)
  • Market Reach (RPNZ)
  • New Zealand Post

Am I able to gain access to email addresses?

We currently do not offer permission based email marketing.




In what formats can I receive my list?

  • Excel
  • CSV format (Comma Separated Value)
  • ASCII (American Standard Code Information Interchange) or any other format that is compatible with your computer

How do I download or import my list into my preferred program?

For assistance, please contact us at 0800 501 515

What will my list look like?

Sample database (excel)




How do I select my target market?

Business List

There are four filters to select your target market:

  • Geographic area
  • Staff size
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code and description (put in a link on SIC code - pdf of list of codes)
  • Model Turn-Over (MTO)

Consumer List


Using Meshblock information, we can target various demographics such as :

  • Age of home
  • Length of time owned
  • Property value
  • Land size
  • Home size
  • With a mortgage


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Location

Vehicle owners

  • Geographic area
  • Make of the car
  • Model of the car
  • Year of manufacturer
  • Body style
  • CC rating
  • Date of first registration

Property Investors

  • Geographic area
  • Number of properties
  • Portfolio value

Rural/Farm Data

  • Geographic area
  • Farm size
  • Farm activity
  • Farm land value

Interest/Hobbies Data

We have an extensive list of interests. Some examples we can provide are:

  • Animal Care
  • Arts/Crafts
  • Books
  • Computer/Technology
  • Education by Correspondence
  • Food/Wine
  • Horses
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Other Sports
  • Vehicles
  • Financial Services
  • Furnishing/Homeware/Renovation
  • Gardening
  • General Catalogue
  • Golf
  • Health and Fitness
  • Hunting/Fishing
  • Music
  • Travel

What fields of information can I purchase or gain access to?

We can supply the following fields of information


  • Executive Name (senior decision maker on the database)
  • Company Name
  • Postal Address
  • Physical Address
  • Phone Number
  • Staff Size
  • Australia New Zealand Industrial Classifications (ANZSIC) code and description
  • Importer/Exporter flag
  • Mobile number
  • Freecall number
  • Head Office/ branch flag
  • Website address
  • Geocodes for electronic mapping
  • Model Turnover



  • Home owner's name
  • Address
  • Phone number (if available)
  • Property value
  • Land size

Vehicle owners

  • Name of the car owner
  • Address
  • Make of the car
  • Model of the car
  • Year of manufacturer
  • Body style
  • CC rating

Property Investors

  • Name of the Investor
  • Address
  • Phone number (if available)

Rural/Farm Data

  • Name of the farm owner
  • Address
  • Farm size
  • Farm activity
  • Farm land value

Interest/Hobbies Data

We have an extensive list of interests, some examples we can provide are:

  • Name of the individual
  • Address



Pricing and Quotes

How much does a list cost?

You will be surprised how affordable it is!! Please contact one of our Data Consultants for further information.

What's the difference between renting a database and purchasing a database?

Rental is for a one-off use, purchase is for multiple uses.



How to Proceed

How do I order a list?

Please contact one of our data consultants for further details.



Turn-Around Times

What is the turn-around time for my list?

We have a 72-hour turn-around time once we have received your signed order.




What is the accuracy rate of my list?

We endeavour to supply you with the most up-to-date list available with 95% accuracy guaranteed. *

Is there any guarantee of quality or response?

Every direct marketing campaign is measurable so depending on each individual's expectations, success will vary.

What about consumers or businesses who have requested to be removed from mailing lists?

On business lists, kindly let us know and we will remove you from our database.

On consumer lists, should you wish to be removed from the database, please inform the Marketing Association.
P.O. Box 47681

Please supply the following details:
Phone number
Fax number (if applicable)



Use of the List

How may I use the list? Are there any restrictions?

There are restrictions depending on the list purchased, for further details please contact one of our Data Consultants.




How can I give feedback and comments about DataMarket, my experience or my list?

Please feel free to contact us either by phone, 0800 501 515 or email

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact one of our Data Consultants on 0800 501 515





Note: * Criteria apply as per our Terms & Conditions