DataMarket - The Ultimate Online Business Search

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DataMarket is the ultimate online business search engine which contains data on over 120,000 New Zealand businesses. DataMarket's key features are:

  • Ability to buy and download a business database online
  • Comprehensive business information
  • Easy-to-use navigation system
  • Online business location map

Each search result company is returned with the following information where available:

  • The Names and Titles of Key Executives
  • Staff Numbers
  • Trade Categories / SICs
  • GIS Mapping / Driving Directions
Financial Controllers DataMarket makes your decision making easier and more accurate with access to market and competitor information.
Sales Managers With DataMarket, gain more business and improve cold calling efficiency and effectiveness by learning more about your customer.
Marketing Using DataMarket will allow you to ensure your marketing campaigns are targeted and cost-effective.
Telesales Qualify your prospects through DataMarket before making a call.



This version of DataMarket requires cookies and javascript. If you're having problems using DataMarket, feel free to contact us on 0800 501 515 or use the feedback link on the bottom of every DataMarket page